About Us

Xenomorph is the leading provider of analytics and data management (ADM) solutions to the financial markets. Risk, trading, quant research and IT staff use Xenomorph’s TimeScape analytics and data management system at investment banks, hedge funds and asset management institutions worldwide.

The origins of our expertise and technology can be traced back to the development of a high performance time-series database platform for Bankers Trust in 1995. Faced with the need to be first to market client quotes for complex derivatives on baskets of equities, bonds and fx, Bankers Trust worked with Xenomorph to develop our XDB vector database. The system combined the best in high performance data analysis with data transparency, data quality and ease of use - principles which form the basis for the company’s work today.

Through more than a decade of experience with clients, Xenomorph’s time series database technology has evolved into TimeScape, our innovative Analytics and Data Management system for financial markets.
We look forward to helping our clients face the present and coming challenges of real-time trading and risk management across all asset classes.

For more information on our company, our clients, services and solutions, please see www.xenomorph.com or contact us at info@xenomorph.com.


Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence