About Us

Workpond helps companies resource efficiently. We provide a consultative, bespoke recruitment service ensuring that our clients are able to access the best candidates, whether they be on a full, part-time, remote, interim or consultancy basis.

The UK has a significant and growing population of skilled, highly experienced professionals who have chosen not to work on a full-time basis – they include interim managers, part-time parents, remote workers, consultants and freelancers.

Businesses that avoid these groups of talented individuals and only recruit their staff on a full-time employed basis limit their search to under 48% of the labour market. As the full-time recruitment market tightens, this has the effect of pushing up salaries and reducing the quality of staff available to them.

At Workpond we work closely with our clients to understand their businesses and to develop resourcing strategies that can help them achieve their goals. We give our clients a framework that allows them to broaden their search to include the full spectrum of talent - from part and full-time employees to self-employed consultants and interims. This results in more efficient resourcing and higher value outcomes.

Business size

1-10 employees