About Us

We believe that when you feel well, you work well.

We bring health & happiness to the heart of workplaces, curating and delivering employee wellbeing programmes & events.

We are working longer and harder than ever before. With time for looking after ourselves often pushed to the bottom of our to-do-list. The need to be ‘always on’ means that it is increasingly difficult for us to learn how to unplug and reconnect with ourselves and what is truly important.

But the metrics of success are changing. We are setting expectations of work beyond job titles and salaries; we are seeking to lead fuller, more impactful lives.

We believe that those workplaces that will thrive in this new definition of what it means to be successful are those that can offer their employees something far more meaningful, wellbeing.

Yoga | Meditation | Mindfulness | Nutrition | Life Coaching | Alternative Therapies

Our aim is to equip your employees with meaningful experiences & skills which they can draw on to help find balance and build resilience, making them happier, healthier, and more productive.

We can deliver one off wellbeing events, or sustained programmes over a longer term.

Business size

1-10 employees