About Us

We are a company that is passionate about the power of information and its effects on human interaction. We want to upgrade how people interact with data and shape strong relationships between decision making and data. To this end what started as a conversation about how we could increase the use of publicly generated data has transformed into our first product that takes the very traditional pub quiz and adapts the format through the ubiquitous nature of smart devices.

The technology behind quizzically leverages the ability of the devices to store, send and receive data. In its first iteration, quizzically, will revamp the traditional pub quiz. Firstly by modernising the pen and paper format to smart device technology. Using technology allows for speed and accuracy based points systems. This removes the potency of cheating, i.e. no matter how quick a user is at web searching or phoning friends, it will not be as quick as user who quickly knows the right answer. We go on to remove the time and errors from marking of other team’s answer sheets.

The basic platform running quizzically can be reconfigured to diversify the product away from the pub quiz market. The question and answer platform can be utilised to support straw polls at conferences, end of lesson quizzes in education; immediate feedback loops for marketing. There is also the idea of better utilising the time users have trapped in environments for a long time e.g. long haul flights or train/coach travel a little more bearable and engaging.

The key is that the basic platform is ubiquitous, changeable and adaptable. It will bring fun and engagement to data exchange and usage. It will change how people use data in typical interactive scenario.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence