About Us

Since Williams Ironmongery was formed back in 1995, the intention was to consciously be unique in our sector, and to create a special formula of both products and service. In the intervening years, the company has achieved an impressive reputation amongst architects and interior designers, for being the people to turn to for specification help, through to detailed on-site after sales assistance by qualified staff. We have particularly excelled with problem solving; if a product does not exist or is not easily available, we can source, manufacture and supply to special and specific product or function details.

In respect of our core business in door furniture, we have collated some of the most respected and desired product ranges available, ranging from the designs of Arne Jacobsen, Sir Norman Foster, John Pawson, David Chipperfield, Henning Larssen, Renzo Piano and Richard Meier, to a vast collection of different styles and finishes, catering for all types of of projects, both commercial and residential.

We also supply the functional aspects of door ironmongery including, hinges, door closers, locking devices, access control, panic escape equipment etc...

Coupled with the door furniture from Scandinavia and Europe, our collection is complimented with lighting rom Deltalight of Belgium, Unique Copenhagen of Denmark and Hunza of New Zealand – all of exceptional design and quality. You will also find taps by Vola, homeware by Stelton, and a range of stunning floor coverings by Linnie Design – all from Denmark, and Heibi mailboxes from Germany.

Whether you are looking for a door handle by Zaha Hadid, a pendant lamp by Jorn Utzon or a glass dish by Werner Panton, you have come to the right people.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence