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More Companies are using UK Estimating Support Ltd to give them strategic advantage when faced with a greater estimating workload than they can resource.

Rather than recruiting additional estimators UK estimating support is a viable cost effective short, medium and long term solution, call to request our internal/external cost of estimating comparison report.

For Support call 0845 644 5327 select Option 1.

Established 2004, our Experience exceeds over 150 years contracting gained industry experience with National Contractors such as Drake & Scull, Crown House, Farebrother, MJN Colston, Sulzer, How, Mitchell& Hewitt. With such a vast array of experience at your disposal we are sure to be able to solve your estimating needs and give you the confidence that you’d look for in outsourcing your estimating. UK Estimating Support offers an electrical estimating service and mechanical estimating service to Mechanical and Electrical M&E contractors.

The company is the only electrical estimating consultant recommended by both the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) and the Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association (HVCA).

When you use the Electrical Estimating service or Mechanical Estimating Service you receive an estimate, which gives you all labour, materials gross and net after discount and Subcontractors on one estimate. We provide you with SEC software printouts all your quotes, estimate notes, take off sheets are sent to you as one simple indexed PDF. Because we scan your tender documents to PDF tender drawings and documents need never be lost or damaged, and we retain your electrical and mechanical estimating drawings, specifications for six months, then return them back to you. For sample reports select downloads from the menu on the right, and call us for the password to open.

Business size

1-10 employees