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Traffic Survey & Consultancy Services

Survey Services
High definition video cameras; High Quality Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras (ANPR- Infrared); GPS video recorders; Radar – Automatic Traffic Counters; Different types of surveys undertaken for local authorities: Video Surveys – Classified & Turning Counts; Observation Surveys; Origin and Destination O-D Surveys (ANPR); Automatic Traffic Counts – Radar - Speed, Volume & Classified (ATC); Pedestrian Counts; Pedestrian demand Surveys; Taxi Usage Surveys; Loading Bay Surveys, Parking assessments; Potential CPZ areas; CPZ reviews ;Registration Plate Surveys – Duration & Journey Times; Bus Priority Measures; Queue Length Surveys; GPS – Journey Time Surveys; HGV Surveys; Interview Surveys both on street and on roadside; Car Park Monitoring; Saturation Flows; Cycle Surveys; Delivery of Consultation leaflets; Pedestrian entry / exit counts at Railway / Tube stations. Interview surveys on street, outside railway/ bus stations; Industrial Park review surveys; Lorry ban review surveys.

Consultancy Service
TW and have qualified and experienced staff. We provide management consultancy and review and assess budgets and outline efficiency savings. Also, we review and can design parking schemes, traffic schemes and urban spaces, Safety Reviews of schemes, and undertake independent formal Safety Audits Stages 1, 2 and 3. Our staffs have worked with both public and private sectors, and are up to date on UK legislation and designs guides. We can undertake public consultation both formal and informal. We can draft and review Traffic Management Orders (TMO) and Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO).

Business size

1-10 employees