About Us

tPoint brings together the power of the internet with the best available application and telephony functionality into a centralised, real-time, virtual business solution.

We make them accessible through “pay as you go” pricing via secure internet access, either within a state of the art hosted facility or on customer sites.

Our technology is well designed, robust, resilient, secure,compliant and seamless. We achieve this through excellence in two core areas; our applications and our infrastructure.

tPoint are providing their clients with new horizons in contact centre campaign management.We have solutions for Enterprise,Portal and Outsourced providers which enable more effective relationships with customers,prospects and partners.

The business itself is backed by proven and highly successful individuals across multiple disciplines that provide genuine credibility to our leading-edge, ground breaking solutions.
Company Principals;
Andy Griffin-CEO
David Williams-Partner
Gary Lewis-Partner
Alison Owen-Consultant

Business size

26-100 employees