About Us

Totalpost Services Plc is a leading British manufacturer and supplier specialising in complete mailroom solutions, print management and security screening equipment.

One of the world’s foremost quality suppliers of mailroom consumables, Totalpost provides ongoing support services and hardware to ensure total efficiency and satisfaction in client mailrooms. Additionally, Totalpost is a national supplier of Ricoh complete print management solutions.

On the security side, Totalpost is the exclusive UK, Ireland and South African distributor for the world renowned Astrophysics range of X-Ray security screening equipment used for screening mail, parcels, baggage and freight. Other security devices including people screening equipment and explosive trace detection is also provided.

Totalpost is a completely independent privately owned concern based in the UK with the headquarters and manufacturing in Cumbria and processing locations in Warrington, Daventry and Swindon. Additionally, Totalpost owns the business Mailing and Mechanisation and, has established international businesses in France, Germany, South Africa and the USA.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence