About Us

In 2012, I founded The Training Umbrella - private assessment center, delivering CACHE accredited qualifications, to help learners gain quality education and support them in gaining solid base to build their career from.

You could call me a dreamer, but I have proven that the right support and encouragement and motivation will help the learner achieve.

We have 100% success rate in delivering qualifications in our first two years.

I work with a dedicated team of professionals who help me every step of the way.
We are a family business and any new staff becomes part of our extended family.
We are not a large company, this allows us to offer tailor-made approach and it is a way we want to carry on as we expand and grow.

“I strongly believe that each and every one of my learners has the potential to reach the stars and to build not only their confidence, self-esteem and career, but they also have an immense potential to change children’s lives and help us to build a better society for everyone.”
Martina Vanickova
(Founder of The Training Umbrella)

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence