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While NHS budgets skyrocket - the health of our nation plummets at a staggering rate.
Is it time to take a new approach to our health?
• What is the root cause of symptoms and sickness?
• How can we maintain good health?
• What does it mean to be either sick or healthy anyway?

Are you interested in any of these questions? We aim to answer these and many more at...

The 6th International META-Health Conference 2014.

Taking Place in Solihull in the UK from Friday 12th – Sunday 14th September

An inspiring and educational event open to therapists and professionals from all disciplines, and anybody who is interested in the latest advancements in integrative health, wellness and personal-development.

META-Health offers the holistic bio-psycho-social perspective, where biology, psychology and social factors all play a significant role the way we as humans function.

The Conference will provide you with:
• A fully integrative and comprehensive approach to healing and personal development
• META-Perspectives on common health issues
• The latest innovations in mind-body-social analysis, therapy and coaching
• Cutting-edge methods for Therapy Planning and enhancing wellbeing

Join health pioneers from all over the world: New Zealand, Europe, United States, Egypt and Estonia where doctors are now government funded to train in META-Health, will gather to debate and discuss the way forward for health globally.

Speakers will include:
Lynn Mc Taggart - What doctor’s don’t tell you
Dr David Hamilton - How your mind can heal your body
Sandy Newbign - Embarrassing illness (Channel 4)

The focus of the Conference is to go beyond conventional approaches to health and personal development, and deepening our understanding of health from a META-perspective.

The varied programme of talks and workshops will deepen your understanding of META-Health and give you powerful tools to improve your own life, and your clients..

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