About Us

You’re all busy people so let’s start with the short answer.
The Friday Club London was set up to help boost the success rates of London’s start-ups by getting them better access to top marketing professionals. 'The Friday Sessions, a fun & intense mentoring event, is our first format for doing this. There will be others.
Still interested? Then read on.
But let’s back up a bit. What’s written so far might lead you to believe that start-ups get all the great advice and offer little back. That’s not how we see it. And the bringing together of these groups wouldn’t work if we did.
The marketing industry has seen overwhelming change in recent years due to the impact of technology and only those marketers who open themselves to change with it will benefit.
In this context, working with those driving the adoption of the emerging technologies and new business models, i.e. the start-ups, feels like a smart move. The challenge however is time. We’re all short of it. And trying to find the right people to collaborate with takes a lot of it. And this is where the Friday Club London intends to help. We see hundreds of start-ups every year, the good, the bad and the ugly. And this means that we can sift through to find the highest quality young businesses to meet.

How valuable that meeting is for both parties? Well that’s up to you.

Business size

1-10 employees