About Us

We are a worldwide talent and model agency welcoming models and talent of all looks and ages. Talent Management enjoys more than two decades of experience matching talent to clients from models, actors, singers, musicians and much more. Thanks to the many years of working with a variety of businesses, we have acquired a number of loyal corporate and private industry contacts in TV, Film, Theatre, Advertising and much more. If you have a talent in modelling, acting, singing, dancing, entertaining or music, you can apply at Talent Management. We give all our talent a personal, approachable and professional service, offering advice and tips at every step of the way.

- We look for work for those registered with us, film, TV, advertising, fashion, walk-ons, extras, as well as the entertainment industries - your work is our business.
- We check out the authenticity of clients, making sure they are genuine - your safety comes first.
- We negotiate the best fees, collect them and pay them to our talent promptly - good to have fun, better to have fun and be paid.
- We manage the assignment and follow-up with 'happiness checks'.
- We are established and respected and busy since 1990 - we must be doing something right.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence