About Us

Solesee is a company focused on foot health, educating and offering solutions to those with high risk feet, and encouraging them to stay healthy, keep active and enjoy life.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, your feet are two of the most important parts of your body to consider. Issues with your feet could lead to a number of consequences; if you are unable to walk, many things are refused to you, and you may become reliant on others to look after you. To maintain independence and enjoy life to the full, Solesee provide education on caring for your feet, particularly if they are considered to be of high risk due to conditions such as neuropathy.

“The concept for Solesee was devised after years of fitting specialist footwear to people with poor foot health”, explains Lisa Preston. “As a professional shoe fitter, I see people who need to be inspecting the underneath of their feet every day, but just cannot easily do so. In many cases they only get them checked when they visit their foot health professional, which can sometimes be once a month and that's just not often enough.”

Our signature product is the Solesee mirror, a discreet and portable easy-to-use mirror to check the underneath of your own feet, a process which is critical for maintaining high risk feet. Alongside this product and others, we endeavour to educate and help those with high risk feet, from diseases such as Diabetes, to enable them to take control of their own foot health, and ensure they can remain active.

Business size

1-10 employees

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