About Us

Solbraze was founded in 1963 and over the following period of 50 years the business has developed into a service to industry providing manufacturing and maintenance solutions for the soldering, brazing and heating processes.

Solbraze have continued to develop and improve the range of resistance and ultrasonic equipment as, over time, challenges have become more complex in the bonding of materials and therefore solutions have needed to be increasingly sophisticated. Some of the techniques developed by Solbraze over this period have been proved to be both effective and cost effective.

The Solbraze range of resistance soldering Thermopaks, used in conjunction with the Thermotools range, give you all the power and flexibility you need to complete your job quickly, safely and effectively. Thermopaks and Thermotools are robust and built to last in even the most taxing environments.

The applications for the Solbraze Ultrasonic Iron and Bath are wide and varied and are used by Companies, Laboratories and Universities in the UK, Europe and around the world to bond a wide variety of substrates such as ceramics and glass,Solid state Ceramic thick- and thin-film substrates, Flat glass production, Optical glasses, Solar cells, Semiconductors, Liquid crystals, Superconductors and Hermetic sealing.

Solbraze has delivered numerous successful installations. Previous customers include Siemens, Rockware Glass, Schaffner, University of Greenwich, Pirelli, Ministry of Defence and Sogefi.

Business size

1-10 employees