About Us

Software Verification Limited provides software tools to help your software developers create products in an efficient and timely manner. Software development has many phases, one of which is the process of testing and identifying errors in the software. Software Verification Limited provides tools to aid in this process.

Our aim is to provide software tools that utilise the same user interface and same command line interface for the same task, regardless of which computing language is used. This allows software developers using multiple languages to switch languages without also having to change the tools they use. Once you know one of our coverage tools you know how to use all the other language versions of our coverage tools. The data displays are the same, the user interactions are the same, the HTML, XML output formats are the same.

Now that software engineers often write in compiled languages such C++, C# and Java and also with scripted languages such as Python and Ruby on the web server and JavaScript on the web client the ability to move seamlessly between tools, all from the same vendor increases productivity. Compare this to working with a raft of incompatible tools and ports from multiple vendors and you can see the advantage of our approach.

Software Verification Ltd is based in the Isle of Ely, 15 miles north of Cambridge, United Kingdom.


Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence