About Us

Every small business needs steady, sustained growth in order to achieve long-term sustainability and success.

However, whilst you are working in your business – keeping customers happy, managing day-to-day operations and finances – there is no-one working on it – growing your customer base, raising your profile and reputation, and building a pipeline of prospects.

This is where Smart Marketing can help.

We provide small businesses with a cost-effective alternative to employing a sales, marketing or communications professional. Our flexible ‘pay as you go’ approach offers you best value for your spend – without the inherent risk, overhead and headache that can sometimes accompany employment.

Perhaps you would like some help launching a new product or service? Or would like to increase your sales to existing customers? Maybe you would like to implement a series of sales promotions, or become the go-to name in your industry?

Whether you would like some complementary support for your in-house sales team, better communication with the public and local authorities, or a fully outsourced, consistent and goal-driven marketing programme, Smart Marketing would love to help – freeing up your time to concentrate on your core business.