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Developed by the leading authorities on training and skills for the health and social sectors, the Skills Platform is committed to finding practical solutions to increase opportunities for learning and development. We know that your organisational purpose will be delivered most effectively by investing in your greatest asset, namely your people.

We understand your challenges

New challenges at work often call for new skills but finding ways to develop them is not easy.

There are thousands of training companies, consultants and experts offering services, but how do we go about finding them and how do we decide which ones are best?

Knowing who we can trust can be an impossible task – especially if we are looking for local training to come in on budget…

- Solving the Problem
The Skills Platform provides a unique market place to help you search and compare training providers and consultants who have experience and knowledge in delivering to the health and social sectors.

Find or create the right type of support you need in the right place at the right time. And other users are there to help you too. Find people in your area who are willing to work with you, see who they recommend then connect online or meet up.

- Who is it for?
Those looking for training & development in the health & social sector - register today

Providers / Consultants providing training & development to the health and social sector – register today

Business size

101-500 employees