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About Us

Schemus is the product arm of the UK software consultancy firm Metanate Limited. Schemus specialises in the development of tools for advanced data management in corporate and cloud environments.

The Schemus products were developed by our expert software team, drawing upon their extensive experience in producing high-assurance software trusted by governmental and defence clients. Schemus technology has been successfully deployed by some of the largest Cloud security providers, with end customers ranging from small businesses to multi-national organisations.

Schemus CloudBase is an application that allows user identity details, retrieved from one or more directory servers, to be manipulated and securely synchronised to a server repository. Normally copies of Schemus CloudBase will run on many different sites, each accessing their local directories, and communicate with the same server. The framework server software source we provide may be adapted to interface to your storage system, such as a database in a Cloud Service.

Schemus InterChange is an application that manipulates and synchronises data between a wide range of distributed systems such as directory servers, database servers and files. Each data source, storage device and data transformation mechanism is shown by an icon in a GUI. The flow of data between systems is defined by connecting the icons together. A powerful and extensible application presented in a simple user interface.

Business size

26-100 employees