About Us

Based in our factories in Scotland UK, we continue to represent the best in British manufacturing.

We select the best raw material from branded and respected manufacturers from both Europe and the USA. Our special relationship with companies like DuPont Kevlar®, DSM Dyneema® and Honeywell insure that we are always at the forefront of ballistic technology.

All Sarkar Defence products are designed to be effective, versatile and reliable. Our designs are organic and are continually modified according to the ever changing threats and our client's requirements. Our business ethos is simple but conveys what it means to have a Sarkar logo on your body armour. 100% test pass record coupled with built in redundancies, Sarkar products maybe over engineered but when it comes to saving lives, we do not take any chances.

Excellent relations with ballistic fabric manufacturers allows us to offer you the very best in ballistic protection. Unlike other manufacturers we are also able to control our raw material production. The grade and type can be varied depending on the task.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence