About Us

In 2001 Safe and Sound Management Consultants, a well established and successful safety consultancy and training firm, decided to add a professional edge to how they supplied consultancy. The vision was to enable all of their consultants, regardless of current location, to have the ability to centralise and manage work for individual clients. It soon became apparent that this useful tool could be provided directly to clients as a means of managing their day-to-day health and safety compliance, with the additional bonus of not having to implement costly IT infrastructure – and so AssessNET was born.

In 2004 it was decided that due to the ongoing success of AssessNET, Safe and Sound would split the business and form Riskex Ltd with the sole responsibility for developing, maintaining and supporting AssessNET long into the future, with Safe and Sound providing close health and safety consultancy support and escrow services.

AssessNET has grown to become an efficient, reliable and user-friendly Health and Safety Management application that enables organisations to effectively create and manage records, tasks and duties throughout their entire organisation worldwide, at a very affordable cost.

We have now enjoyed over 13 years of providing Online Health and Safety Management solutions and will continue to do so for the next 10 years and beyond.


Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence