About Us

Results Health & Performance (RHP) is a Specialist Body Transformation & Sports Fitness Personal Training Studio, dedicated to creating bodies that perform as well as they look.

RHP is located in Seer Green, near High Wycombe, Beaconsfield & Amersham in Buckinghamshire, just outside West London. RHP also helps people all over the UK and Worldwide achieve top-class body transformation & sports fitness results through Online Fitness Coaching using the RHP Training App.

Results Health & Performance is home to Women (mostly aged 25-50) who want to transform their body and become healthier.

RHP also works with Male, Female and especially Youth Athletes (typically aged 15-30) who want to improve their sports fitness and excel in their sport.

While Female Body Transformation and Youth Sports Fitness are the core focus of RHP, plenty of men continue to achieve outstanding health & fitness results with RHP, as the many male Testimonials evidence.

RHP was founded and is run by Owner & Director of Personal Training, Rich Sturla. Rich's passion is helping people look, feel and perform at their best.

RHP stands out for its comprehensive approach to achieving long-term, sustainable body transformation & sports fitness results, without taking over your life. This encompasses strategy, motivation, body composition and functional movement assessments, bespoke, innovative training programs tailored to each individual with expert & personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

All training at RHP is enhanced by the custom-built RHP Training App; accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device for individual support to succeed.

With RHP Training Packages ranging from £9 per month for Online Fitness Coaching to £49 per session for One-to-One Personal Training with Rich in the RHP Seer Green Personal Training Studio (and plenty more in between), there’s bound to be a package that’s the right fit for you.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence