About Us

Real World allows selected, specialist overseas tour operators to market themselves directly in the UK Market

The internet and modern communications have made the World a smaller place. Potential clients are able to research their destinations, look at potential accommodation and read reviews of local tour operators at the click of a button.

10 years ago, local tour operators had to sell their product as a ground handler for an existing UK tour operator. There was no way for the UK public to find out about them and the cost of setting up and maintaining a UK office was prohibitive.

We offer you the ability to sell direct to the UK public at a fraction of the expense of setting up your own branch office. We still focus on your sales team, your web site and your marketing literature, meaning that the service is easy to set up and not time consuming to maintain.

With our UK staff to offer a UK presence, by providing the necessary financial securities to comply with UK law and our comprehensive Marketing a PR strategy, we allow you to sell you products in the UK market and offer the consumer the best of both worlds - real local expertise and responsible travel, with the peace of mind and financial guarantees all UK competitors will be offering.

The World of tour operation is changing. Make sure you are one of the winners.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence