About Us

Like many great ideas, the Radfan provides a simple and effective solution to an all too common problem, central heating radiators that don’t warm you up.

Founded in 2011 by now Managing Director, Roland Glancy, the Radfan was born when Roland’s wife complained on several occasions that the radiators weren’t warming the house up very well.

Using ultra low powered fans and securing to the top of your central heating radiator by magnets, the Radfan redirects the flow of warm air into the room where you need it.

Most of the heat leaving your radiator gets trapped at the ceiling or is lost through your window leaving you feeling cold. The Radfan's unique and innovative design redirects this warm air and puts the warmth where you want it.

By helping radiators work better you can turn down the heating thermostat and still feel warmer because of the Radfan’s unique design.

Making you warmer and more comfortable for less.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence