About Us

Hi, I'm Suzannah Bath and I'm a Social Media Consultant. I worked in the marketing communications industry in different cities around Europe for well known companies such as ELLE magazine which is where I learnt the key skills required to create a marketing strategy. I feel passionately about the future of social media as a business marketing platform which is what led me to set up Purple Dog Media in 2013.

Everyone's talking about social media. But sometimes it's not easy for your brand's voice to rise above the chatter. I execute bespoke social media strategies to achieve specific business objectives and help brands stand out from the crowd. Social Media like any traditional marketing practices requires a strategy, I help businesses create and implement a unique social strategy that has been proven to deliver results.

Social media is all about the conversation, so let's talk. If you're looking for social media solutions for your business, or just want to know more, then drop me a line!