About Us

PDM is an international organisation producing premium business information, research services and marketing solutions for senior level decision makers.

Through our subscription products, online panels, industry leading websites and traditional media, Progressive Digital Media delivers high quality business information to global audiences.

We pride ourselves on providing invaluable business solutions and information to our broad range of professional communities. Our extensive portfolio of products, in more than 30 professional markets, makes us one of the largest providers of premium business information and marketing solutions.

Currently we deliver must have independent content, premium analysis and industry networking opportunities to thousands of senior decision makers from across the globe. We are committed to the expansion of these services and assets and continue to invest in being the market leader in providing tools that integrate into every day decision making for our global clients.

Headquartered in London, with offices across the UK, US, India and Australia, Progressive Digital Media serves a worldwide customer base with the highest quality and most progressive solutions.

Business size

500+ employees


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