About Us

A mobile apps and IoT software consultancy working with UK innovators to take digital products to market.

We have experience working with manufacturers, private hire fleets, legal teams, retail and pharma.

We offer advise, and deliver solutions entailing mobile apps, IoT, big data and the cloud.

Our clients usually need to move quickly, so we use lean product design methods and agile delivery to help them launch quickly. 70% of projects have run over 3 years, with exponential growth.

Our services incorporates many steps needed to plan and deliver:

- Architecting big-picture solutions involving cutting edge technologies
- Recommending approaches and technologies you might not have considered
- Competitor analysis and case studies around what works and what doesn't
- Lean "fast-to-market" delivery planning
- Mobile app development.
- Cloud portals and web presence
- Big data and small data
- Analytics and metrics for learning

Business size

11-25 employees