About Us

At Peter Lonsdorfer we have been carrying out gearbox and hydraulic oil changes on wind turbines across Europe and beyond with the use of our specialized trucks and unique pumping systems for over 19 years. Our service ensures the cleanliness level of the oil is maintained throughout the life of any operational wind turbine whilst achieving the minimal down time to carry out the oil change, and at the highest health and safety standards possible.

We can also offer and supply oils directly to any wind turbine gearbox pre filtered in house to the DIN ISO 4406 cleanliness standard regardless of oil type or manufacturer.

As well as the supply of bulk oils for wind turbines we also supply other consumable products for the continued servicing of your wind turbines for example: grease, gearbox and hydraulic oils supplied in 20 to 1000 lit secure containers, filters, cleaning rags, oil absorbent pads, disposable gloves, etc. making us your one stop shop for all your wind turbine servicing needs.

This year we became the first company to carry out wind turbine oil changes offshore having developed our equipment over some time to work within this environment; these units are vessel mounted and adopt the same proven oil storage and pumping technology as used in our trucks with the addition of some specific engineering modifications to allow us to work safely and cleanly while carrying out these oil changes at sea.

Business size

1-10 employees


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