About Us

Pelican Post is an exciting new postal service that allows you to send books directly to schools in Africa.

Our mission is to inspire and educate young minds in Africa by providing a channel for people to send books directly to schools in Africa to help stimulate a culture of reading and learning in every school we work with.

The books are all in English and are culturally appropriate for African children. Considerable effort and thought has also gone into drawing up a final selection of proposed reading books with each of the project's partners and with the charity Book Aid International. Book Aid International have years of experience in coordinating the distribution of books and other appropriate reading materials throughout Africa and the rest of the Developing World.

Currently we have limited the pilot project to 12 schools with whom we have developed a working relationship, and who have expressed a direct interest of becoming involved. As a result, we are able to closely monitor progress as to the number and type of books received within our target schools and understand the impact the books have.

Business size

1-10 employees