About Us

In 2005 when we were browsing galleries and thought 'I could do that....' has turned out to be a seminal Oz moment. The ensuing challenge and quickly rediscovered skill of making a subjectively attractive looking mess, has for sure been a turning point.

I was alright at school if I remember correctly, being able to replicate Monnet's style reasonably, and won a prize for something as a wee sprog. But - thankfully to be honest - I was persuaded to follow a more academic route. As it panned out, that meant that 15 years later when I started throwing paint around our initially spotless kitchen, that I could practice, learn and develop my style unpressured.

I'm not a textbook artist (I'd be writing this in the 3rd person for a start..... why is that?) all I try to do is create something that looks cool on the wall, and is something 'different'. You don't have to understand my work - all I'm trying to illicit is a response something along the lines of 'woooohhhhaaa!' I simply know what I like the look of - and think that I'm not all that weird, so hopefully that means others will like what I paint.

What I do try to create though is interest around how I've created a piece, as well as the impression of energy, movement and expression. Every one is around 2cm thick oil paint in places and pretty large scale, almost 3D. I'm fascinated with how perceptions change with distance.

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