About Us

In short, we sell creativity for business.

1. Stimulating the imagination is key to our process and we’ve honed and developed tools that enable us to do this. Our process enables our clients to see new possibilities for their brand.

We marry those possibilities up with measurable business objectives, which we formalise into a brief. We’ve published a book on the subject called ‘Forget the Box’ which has not only been shortlisted for awards but also featured by the Marketing Society. We also work with, and learn from, two good causes: charities that work at the hard rock-face and therefore use techniques to stimulate the imagination to benefit people who might otherwise be disadvantaged.

2. Limiting the business-risk of implementing new ideas is central to our offering. We do this by crafting campaigns, whatever the media, using our extensive experience, our own talented team and by making full use of proven specialists.

We’ve also developed project management processes that enable us to check that each well-defined milestone is reached. Which is why when we’re implementing ideas we keep our eyes firmly on the brief ensuring all the detail of the execution is still working towards helping our client to meet the business objectives they’re committed to fulfilling.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence