About Us

Our Insurance Vault is becoming the customers choice.


Someone who lives life to the max, never stopping, never having time to plan?
The Vault can help you, it is a dream place for everyone, but more importantly you!

Do you forget important dates, do mean to shop around for the best deals in the market place but never have time? When you really need to find something important, is it never where you thought it should be?

Well we came up with a solution that will resolve all of this for you and we will only bother you when it is needed.

We sell most everyday Insurance like, Car, Home, Pet, Health & Life Insurance, but we don't just sell Insurance we store it for you in your very own tailor made Vault Account. Then next year 4wks before it is due, we do it all over again for you without you needing to worry or shop around, we will even e-mail you to remind you we will be calling. What's more this service is FREE.

So if you want to remove the hassle and stress of things you don't need to worry about register on-line at www.ourinsurancevault.com OR Call us on 01257 448612 and quote STRESS FREE.


Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence