About Us

Who We Are:

eTX and Enarpee Services have joined forces to create a new regulatory services company, offering a suite of products worldwide, designed to provide peace of mind for companies doing business on-line.

Formed in 1997 by brothers Declan and Brian Pettit, eTX’s core offering is the ‘Touchpoint’ Application Development platform, a hardware/software system that intelligently manages information/events in a real-time environment. This platform comprises proprietary technology which is the result of fifteen years research and development, and which is particularly suited to fast-moving environments. Our products like Goverifyit, VeriAudits and Veriscanner have all been developed using this platform.

Enarpee Services are the world experts in Regulatory Advice, Due Diligence, Compliance and Product & Service Audits for companies utilising Premium Billed mechanisms in support of their services to Consumers. Run by Neil Penny and Toby Padgham, currently Enarpee Services are the appointed Regulatory & Compliance partner for the UK’s largest Mobile Network Operator, EE (which also incorporates the T-Mobile & Orange Mobile Network brands).

What We Do:

MCP established by industry successful entrepreneurs who understand every level of the payment value chain having worked previously for network operators, mobile aggregators and payment processors merchants. We understand the value of brand protection, regulatory compliance, consumer protection and making money. We are well placed to support your business wherever you are and within whichever market you operate. Our best of class technology identifies issues at a very early stage, providing you with the advice required to ensure all your objectives are achieved. It isn’t about the volume of what we do, but about the quality. With headquarters in the UK, we have operations across Europe, Asia and America that provides support to any territory in the World.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence