About Us

Midland Group Business Advisors are a team of independent and experienced business professionals operating across the whole of the Midlands. Our Advisors have extensive wide-ranging skills, knowledge and experience of working at the highest levels in the corporate and independent sectors and successfully running Businesses. MGBA are a pool of successful proven talent which any Business Owner or MD can call upon to advise on most Business issues.

Why An Independent Business Advisor?
Do you feel in control? Are you running the business or is the business running you? It is widely recognised that the role of the independent business leader is probably the toughest and loneliest position in business. In addition to the leadership role, at times, you are expected to be the Sales Director, the Finance Director, the HR Director, the Marketing Director and also know all the answers to any question. No one is an expert in all these areas, and often you can’t share your thoughts, explore ideas, or admit your uncertainties with those around you – at work or at home. On the surface your business may look reasonably successful, but actually, it is proving difficult to manage, it is producing unpredictable results and your business is largely unrewarding for you the Business Owner.

The burden on you is enormous. Where do you turn to for support?

Our Approach
We help Business Owners to make their businesses perform more effectively and become more financially rewarding by offering hands on support and unbiased practical business advice that works. We help to diagnose and understand the problems and issues they are facing, to develop and then implement a comprehensive performance improvement programme and to build a business that performs to its true potential. With a focus on making a difference and delivering sustainable results, we help Business Owners to significantly improve the performance of their business (and their business lives).

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence