About Us

I am a Personal Mentor for Entrepreneurs in Coventry and Warwickshire and have numerous clients Nationally and Internationally.

I help Entrepreneurs slow down, during times of intense pressure and demand that Entrepreneurs place on themselves,I create an environment in which their brain falls into "Alpha State" and allows them to tap into their creative genius which creates purpose and direction in order to maximize and continue to perform at peak performance.

I carry out an internal MRI and Personal MOT to quantify your internal GPS system and build strategy and platform for you to accelerate your personal growth and create the positive and attractive life you want to create.

I have a huge amount of respect and love working with people who want to better themselves. Who want to expand themselves and expand there horizons.

In order for the relationship to work, I will only work with people whom we each have a chemistry for. I believe Chemistry is vital to get the best out of each other and is the key ingredient I look for when I work with someone new.
I want to work with those that are free spirited, they want to blaze new trails, develop themselves and grow. Not satisfied with accepting what life gives them, I encourage and support others to grow larger than their problems.
The people I enjoy working with don't like following the crowd. They're "wild at heart " ones, they are doers not just talkers!

My experience has always been in helping and developing people. I have a business and personal diploma in mentoring.

Business relationships need to be stimulated. We both need to quantify if we are best suited to each other.

Do you want to charge ahead with such vigour that they (you) leave a smouldering trail in their wake.?

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence