About Us

Mai’da began life as a vision: to move beyond conventional fine dining and create a new world of comfort, luxury and pleasure. Our name, meaning ‘large banquet’, was chosen with this vision in mind; we wanted to provide open-air spaces where friends and family can come together to enjoy sumptuous banquets and socialise, to relax in the ambience of a quality dining experience.

Mai'da believes the true purpose of cooking for others is to provide food that is tasty, healthy and excellent value for money – food that is good for the mind, body, soul and wallet.

Mai’da’s first restaurant in London was opened to the public on Friday 5th December 2006, quickly followed by our Blackburn branch in 2008 due to incredible customer demand from the area. Our critically acclaimed restaurants are homes to celebrities and influential figures alike, are the driving force behind our passion for outdoor catering.

Mai’da’s reputation for quality food and an excellent atmosphere has soared. Word-of-mouth, expert reviews from food critics, including Jay Rayner for The Observer, and from trusted publications such as Time Out and The Guardian, have all contributed to our incredible success.

Mai’da set out to redefine the dining experience. We’re proud to say that our passion and innovation has achieved this. But this isn’t the end of our story. Mai'da wants to bring you everything that our reputation promises, and we invite you to become a part of our legacy!

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