About Us

London Allergy and Immunology Centre offers allergy tests and allergy treatment in the UK and other countries in Centres of Global Network

Consultants in our allergy clinics (Paediatric and adult allergy, dermatology, immunology and ENT) can be seen within days of contacting our appointment team. In general there is no need for a referral letter for self pay patients and we do all we can to keep the service affordable.

In our centres patients, who suffer form allergy, asthma, immunological conditions and those who suspect that allergy may drive their symptoms can have scientifically proven validated allergy and asthma tests during the initial consultation. If it is not an allergy we can also help, our dermatology, immunology and ENT consultants also deal with many non-allergic conditions.

Our Centre is a part of Global Allergy Network. Our consultants specialise in all aspects of allergy and asthma.
Among other methods in our centre we can provide assessment and treatment of adults and children who are interested in treatments for allergic asthma allergic rhinitis.


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1-10 employees


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