About Us

Lily's Kitchen makes delicious Organic and Holistic pet food for dogs and cats. Nothing leaves the kitchen without approval from our chief taster Lily!

We believe pet food should be made from proper ingredients - delicious, recognisable ones that you would love to dish up every day for your best friend.
We believe derivatives should not be used in pet foods. Lily's Kitchen recipes contain whole meat, grains, fruits and vegetables - no fibrous leftovers - so that your pet can get all the wholesome nutrition they need.
We believe it's important for you to trust us to be transparent - to itemise every single ingredient on our labels. You can count on us to make foods that you and your pet will love.
We believe in using the best possible ingredients we can source. Our ingredients are human quality rather than the leftovers commonly used in pet foods.
Oh, and we also believe pet food should not only taste delicious, but smell delicious - sniff our food, it really does smell good! It's a good indication that our foods have nothing nasty in them.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence