About Us

Feeling Good is literally in the name. Kimochigai derives from the Japanese words for feeling good, there is an affinity to Japan via the Reiki services on offer. The business was founded by Donna Monaghan in May 2015. The ethos of the company is to help people feel good through bespoke services. On offer are Makeup Artistry, Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Stress Management Seminars and Relaxation Workshops.

Kimochigai's mission is to educate people in how to manage their stress and highlight the importance of well being even if its one hour a week. Just think there are 168 hours in a week and each and everyone of us is the most important person in our own lives and deserve that 1 hour dedicated to well being.

Helping business be more effective is also important to Kimochigai. According to latest research from the Health & Safety Executive, in the UK the average is 23 days lost due to stress related illnesses. Even at minimum wage hourly rate that is approximately £1,000 cost to business per person and that isn't taking into consideration additional monetary costs of overtime payments to other staff covering tasks and then of course the most valuable component of time as there is further time lost due to having 1-2-1's, phased returns etc when staff members are out with stress related illnesses.

Kimochigai offer well being therapy treatments, Stress Management Seminars and Relaxation Workshops. Bespoke packages can be created to suit your needs. Kimochigai is very flexible in regards to time as out of hours and weekend appointments are available, being a mobile service Kimochigai can easily go to your home, workplace or chosen venue.

Kimochigai can make positive difference in business at both company and individual levels. Reach out to Donna Monaghan to discuss further.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence