About Us

In the most simple terms, Jericho helps companies to keep their customers for longer and then sell these customers more, thereby delivering more profit from each customer relationship. This is all done by ensuring that both the customers and employees of the business receive world class experiences.

We deliver bespoke solutions to meet the exact requirements of each individual project, however we have tried and tested approaches within specific fields, specialising in Customer Experience Transformation, Customer Journey Mapping, Voice of the Customer, Net Promoter Score, Business Transformation, Customer Retention & Loyalty Management and Training.

There are eight steps that organisations of all sizes can take to understand, design, align, execute and embed transformational change:

1. Frame: Defining what the frameworks for the journeys look like in terms of their generic ‘stages and phases’.

2. Understand: Three different levels of insight: research-based, operational diagnostics and strategic.

3. Position: The organisation needs to establish its future strategic direction, providing context to the way in which change will happen

4. Design: Designing customer and employee experiences involves the creation of Customer and Employee Promises & Commitments and the creation of detailed (by stages and phases) future-state Customer Journeys

5. Align: Achieving buy-in for new designs is achieved through the creation of customer and employee transformation programmes

6. Execute: This involves undertaking transformational activity and business process reengineering across all front and back office business functions

7. Sustain: Embedding transformational change is supported by the delivery of leadership, customer centricity and specialist training activities

8. Review: As organisations and markets change, customer and employee experience activities need to be reviewed to ensure that they are still relevant and are being properly implemented

Business size

1-10 employees

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