About Us

Itechnix is Established in 2011, we are a London based IT solutions company, with a sole aim of providing world-class IT solutions and consultancy to clients' from distinct business set-ups. We are a team of expert IT professionals who are experienced, motivated and simply one of the best IT solution providers in UK. Our IT experts understand that every business has distinct and unique IT needs, so we provide each of our clients the most customized IT solutions, designed after carefully analysing the clients needs and requirements. We truly believe in providing our clients happy and satiated service experience by offering them the most competent and unparalleled IT services, at the most affordable prices possible.

Maximizer CRM
Maximizer has been at the cutting edge of simple, affordable and reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software since 1987. Our CRM solutions enable over 120,000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, to streamline processes, improve business productivity, mobilise workforces via web-access and share data more effectively across multiple departments including: management, sales, marketing, finance and customer services, to drive business profitability.

With Maximizer CRM software you benefit from a large enterprise system built with a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) focus and price – this complete solution will bring greater clarity and more informed decision making across your entire business.

Itechnix can offer customisation consultancy, design, implementation, training, support for your business, At Itechnix we work with you even after installation has been completed to ensure your investment continues to add value to your business and grows with your organisation.