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About Us

IBP utilizes cutting-edge technology, allows us to encrypt tremendous amounts of data onto 2D barcodes,RFID tags, etc. It is so advanced we can tag every single item with its own unique ID. The individuality of the unique IDs,coupled with the great amount of data we can encrypt, provides a true breakthrough in multiple aspects of your business.

2D offers:

Counterfeit Protection,Grey Market,Track & Trace Ready,Brand Loyalty,Document Security,ID/Biometric Card Security and Credit Card Security.


Pharmaceuticals, Secure Access Cards, Banking and Financial , Tax Stamps, Fashion and, Accessories , Luxury Goods, Electronics and Components, Automotive and Aviation, Food and Beverage , Insurance Certificates, Alcohol and Tobacco, Medical Health Cards, Driving Licences and ID Cards, Credit Cards, Passports and many more…….

Brand Protection & Counterfeiting Protection:

IBP offers the most powerful and secure brand protection and anti-counterfeiting technology in the world. The stronger-than-military-grade encryption is more secure than the anti-counterfeit technology currently used on passports, precious gems, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and more. It is the strongest offense money can buy and cannot be cracked. The global counterfeiting trade estimated to reach $1.7 trillion by 2015, this technology could save brand owners millions, even billions, of dollars in the prevention of revenues lost to counterfeiting and grey market goods.

Track & Trace:

With the technology IBP provides, manufacturers can tag items the moment they are created with a unique encrypted ID in the form of a 2D barcode. This uniqueness, so important for marketing and anti-counterfeiting, also creates a manufacturer’s dream for tracking and tracing. Items can be tagged at individual, carton, pallet and container level, creating a system that can literally follow an individual item from the point of manufacture, through the supply chain, and into the consumer’s hands.