About Us

A premier UK training organisation, providing training to enhance practical thinking skills to improve the performance of individuals and organisations.

The range of courses and workshops help to:
Learn, Absorb & Understand - Essential techniques to select, absorb remember and use relevant information.
Creative Thinking & Innovation - Practical skills to generate fresh thinking, new ideas and critical insights.
Write, Speak and Influence - Clear, persuasive, written and spoken communication skills.
Meetings, Facilitation & Coaching - Draw maximum engagement and performance from individuals and groups.
Engagement & Personal Balance - Engage yourself and others to work at peak performance levels.
Management & Leadership Essentials - The essential skills required to be a successful manager or leader.

These are delivered through:
Public Workshops – 1 and 2 day workshops delivering real and lasting benefits throughout the UK.
In-house Courses – Specifically for a team or group from across the organisation. Options for tailoring are available.
E-Learning - Mind Mapping Mastery and Effective Speed Reading.
FIT Sessions – In-house bite-size (90 minute) learning sessions designed by Illumine to maximise learning in the minimum time possible.
Other Options – Facilitation, Coaching, Away-days and Speakers.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence