About Us


At Hillcroft House we are passionate at developing people in order for them to maximise their chances of success, increase their level of personal effectiveness and achieve their goals. We work with our clients to identify current levels of skill, knowledge, attitude and behaviour using effective research methods that help to facilitate the development of realistic and practical action plans.

Trust and honesty is pivotal in our work and an absolute belief that everyone should be given the opportunity to strive to achieve their very best. We succeed because we listen to our clients and take action that is unique to suit their specific needs.

Evidence is critical in what we do so we invest a significant amount of time and money and resources in research. This is carried out with organisations throughout the UK.

Our methods enable us to stay up to date with the issues facing 21st century organisations and therefore we reflect this information in our tailored training, recruitment and coaching work.

For more information on a package to suit your needs, either call us on Freephone 0800 014 1837 or e-mail: enquiries@hillcrofthouse.co.uk

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