About Us

HealthProm is a unique organisation committed to promoting health and social care for women and children in Eastern Europe and Asia.


Established in 1984, HealthProm began as a USSR-UK Medical Exchange Programme set up by doctors and allied professionals to promote health education through tours, conferences and exchange visits.

HealthProm has since extended from working exclusively in health care to include social care of children and works in close partnership with local organisations.

How we work

The key principles guiding our activities are capacity-building, evidence-based practice and partnership work. We do not provide services directly but aim to build the capacity of our partners, mostly through in-service training and service development.

Our aims

HealthProm’s aim is to work with its overseas partners to achieve sustainable, culturally appropriate dissemination of best practices in health and social care to improve the health of women and children in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Business size

1-10 employees