About Us

We are Groundbreak Productions; an innovative, award-winning video production company based in Manchester, London and Wirral.

We create film and video productions for lots of different clients and broadcasters based throughout the UK and across the world. We specialise in producing TV commercials, corporate and online video, reality TV, documentaries, shorts, animations and viral online videos. We're also full of creative ideas and concepts, and help our clients to plan effective strategies for their online and offline media, as well as helping them to spread their content across this fine planet of ours and into the faces of their target audience.

Some of us love standing behind cameras. Some of us love playing with music, soundtracks and microphones. Some love editing footage in our state of the art edit suite. Some love mucking about with green screens, props and visual effects. Some love spending all day dreaming up cool ideas or finding the perfect topic for the next award-winning documentary. Some of us love talking to customers, and some just love directing and telling everyone else what to do.

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s working together to create astounding, sensational, breathtaking, inspiring, and sometimes hilarious, groundbreaking videos.


Los Angeles Reel Film Festival - Winner of Best Documentary and Best Narration, with Honourable Mention.
California Mountain Film Festival - Winner of 7 Summits Best Film & Documentary Award.
Chicago Film Festival - Nominated for Best Documentary and received the Honourable Mention Award.
London, New York, San Francisco & Chicago United Film Festivals - Nominated for Best Documentary.
Stranger than Fiction Film Festival, Dublin - Nominated for Best Documentary.
London Independant Film Festival - Nominated for Best Documentary.
Kendall Mountain Film Festival - Nominated for Best Film.

Business size

1-10 employees