About Us

Goodwin Smith - The home of #BuckingGoodShoes since 1928

We take classic styles and update them with a modern twist. We have three 3 core values, Quality, Style and Value.

We design and manufacture quality footwear. It takes time and effort to look good and stand out from the crowd. That’s why we don’t rush the manufacturing process of our shoes. We make sure quality counts at every stage of the process. It can take up to a month to manufacture GS shoes, and each pair is unique. It’s that impeccable attention to detail which ensures our shoes look the business and get you noticed.

There are no rules you have to follow, or people you have to look like to wear a pair of GS shoes. You just have to enjoy life, get stuck in and take the occasional risk! GS guys are ambitious and aspirational, they also like to be out socialising with their friends at the best parties. Get your pair of GS shoes and join our club today. #buckinggoodshoes.

This is exactly what our founders, Ernie and Walter, did back in 1928. Whether you are in the office or on the dance floor, your pair of GS shoes will be an ever-present and reliable wingman! No need to go home after work and get changed, if you’ve got your GS shoes on you’re good to go! #buckinggoodshoes

With a pair of GS shoes on your feet, there’s no telling where they might take you, or what you might end up doing. Except of course that you’ll be having an amazing time. Well we want to see what you get up to. #BuckingGoodNight

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence