About Us

Foregenix is an independent, specialised information security business. We deliver our services globally with regional offices in the UK, South Africa and Americas.

We specialise in the following areas:

* Compliance (PCI DSS, PA-DSS, PCI P2PE and PCI PIN)
* Forensic Investigations - a leading forensic teams globally, we can assist any size/type of business.
* Penetration Testing - application, network, mobile application, PED, web application.

Security Solutions
* Website security - Vngo Alert, Vngo Protect and Vngo Enterprise
* Integrated till security - Foregenix Store Shield
* Cyber Crime Detection and Prevention - Serengeti
* Cardholder data discovery - FScout

With extensive experience in data security and the payment industry we would be happy to help with any queries you have.

Please get in touch on +44 845 309 6232 or info@foregenix.com

Business size

101-500 employees