About Us

The Estonian Guild in London is a growing network and a vibrant community linking Estonians living and working in the United Kingdom. The Guild was founded in November 2009 by a group of enthusiastic Estonians with the support of the Estonian Embassy in London and Enterprise Estonia. Its prime objective is to encourage contacts and share information and ideas about Estonia, Estonians and their activities through the medium of organised events and functions.

In the five years of its existence, the Guild has organised more than 60 events, advertised through a mailing list of over 1,400 people, of which more than 450 have joined the Guild’s online communications network.

In addition to regular communication between Estonians in the UK, the Guild also focuses on promoting Estonian businesses. The Guild has encouraged and assisted the setting up and expansion of businesses in the UK.

Guild activity is not only for Estonian residents or visitors to London. It plays an equally important role by publicising Estonia and its positive strengths to a wider British audience in London and elsewhere. In fact up to a third of participants at larger events comprises of non-Estonian friends, colleagues and family as well as Estophiles. In this way the Guild ensures that it is directly involved in promoting Estonia in the UK.

Business size

500+ employees

Commercial presence