About Us

East Sussex Credit Union (ESCU) is a not for profit savings and loans co-operative, which has been trading since August 2000. We aim to provide a high quality, sustainable and easy to access savings and loans co-operative, which is responsive to the needs of the people of East Sussex and actively combats the detrimental effects of poverty and financial exclusion.

Work in partnership with local communities and other statutory and non-statutory organisations to provide joined up solutions which help to combat poverty and its detrimental effects upon health, educational attainment, employment and homelessness.

Contribute to economic regeneration by promoting savings and sensible borrowing amongst our membership, providing paid and volunteer work opportunities and offering loans facilities to entrepreneurs, and training and experience for members to improve labour market accessibility.

Offer cost effective and flexible loans that meet the needs of our members and which offer a viable alternative to predatory lending practices

Advance local wealth by redistributing our profits to our members in accordance with co-operative principles. In some cases we re-invest profits to develop the Union.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence